Kard Combat update adds pass’n’play multiplayer

Hothead Games’ popular Kard Combat is a great game. Don’t believe me? Go check out our review. If you’re a fan of the title, have I got some good news for you: Hothead’s announced a major update for the app, including a brand new multiplayer mode.

Version 1.3 of Kard Combat features some pretty big updates. First and foremost, the game takes advantage of new iOS 5 features. The biggest of these is a modification of their existing asynchronous gameplay feature, which is now takes advantage of the recent changes to Gam Center. They’ve also added a pass’n’play multiplayer mode for friends who want to play together on the same device.

Additionally, Hothead has revealed that you can earn three new powerful cards by referring friends to the game: Baphomet (increases the damage of all the owner’s spell cards by 50%), Vassal of Water (“heals 10 life to owner when summoned, water mana growth +1, attack equals water mana.”), and Traitor (which destroys a target card owned by an opponent). Finally, there will also be an option to auto-complete all of the mage sets if you purchase the full, unlocked game.

The update is now available, so you should make a point of downloading it soon and getting some of your friends hooked on Kard Combat as soon as possible.

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