Kabam: young male gamers are flocking to Facebook

According to a new study conducted by Information Solutions Group on behalf of game developer Kabam, the traditional belief that the Facebook gaming audience consists only of women over the age of 40 isn’t entirely accurate. There’s a burgeoning audience for social games and it’s one that also plays console games.

In fact, 82 percent of “hardcore social gamers,” as the study calls them, play games on consoles. They also tend to play multiple social games at once, with 76 reporting that they play at least two social games. 68 percent of them play three to four hours a day.

So who is this hordcore social gamer? According to the study the group is 55 percent male and 57 percent uner the age of 40. The average age for this group is 37.

This, of course, fits in quite nicely with the more hardcore audience that Kabam is courting with strategy games like Global Warfare and Edgeworld.

“Kabam was the first gaming company to focus on creating hardcore games on Facebook and other social platforms,” Kabam COO Chris Carvalho said. “The research conducted by Information Solutions Group clearly demonstrates the disruptive effect hardcore social gaming is having on the gaming industry. Gamers are migrating their playing time and the dollars they spend to social games at the expense of console and other traditional gaming platforms.”

However, the one key statistic that’s missing is just how large this mostly male “hardcore” group is compared to its more casual counterpart, which is 61 percent female.

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