Kabam looks beyond Facebook, expands to iOS and Kongregate

Despite making a decent sized “boom” on Facebook with games such as Dragons of Atlantis and Kingdoms of Camelot, Kabam is not content with having all of their eggs in one basket, so in a surprise move, they’re bringing games to both iOS and Kongregate.

Specifically, Kabam has launched Dragons of Atlantis on Kongregate, taking with it its strategy based gameplay where you can train dragons and then use them to defend the lost city of Atlantis. Kingdoms of Camelot is out now on a new platform as well, hitting the iOS App Store in Canada (coming soon to the US) in the brand new mobile only spin-off Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, and bringing its MMO-based gameplay to mobile devices.

Kabam’s COO Chris Carvalho pointed out in a press release: “Kongregate is a great addition to our rapidly expanding mix of distribution partners, our games provide the immersive and feature-rich experience Kongregate’s audience of dedicated gamers seek, and this partnership allows us to expand on our multi-platform distribution approach and reach millions of additional core gamers. Additionally Kongregate’s parent company GameStop provides us the potential to explore other unique avenues of promotion and distribution for our games.”

Expanding past Facebook could be one of the smartest moves Kabam has made yet, so we’re certainly looking forward to what else they have planned in the future. While we’re busy keeping you up to date on these happenings, you can go ahead and play these games (respectively) on Kongregate and iOS (if you have a Canadian account) now.

[via Inside Social Games]

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