Kabam games coming to your desktop courtesy Pokki

With Pokki, the team at Sweetlabs is looking to bring a mobile-style app experience to the desktop. And thanks to a new partnership with Kabam, that experience will now include social games.

Four of Kabam’s social strategy games will be available through the Pokki app store, including Edgeworld, The Godfather: Five Families, Dragons of Atlantis, and the still-in-beta vampire game Thirst of the Night. And the Sweetlabs team told Gamezebo that this is just the beginning, as they predict that “social games are going to be one of the most important categories” for the platform. You can already download apps for things like email, Facebook, and Twitter.

So why use Pokki as opposed to just playing in your browser? There are a few advantages, chief among them being real-time notifications. Just like how an email app will show you how many unread messages you have, while playing a social game through Pokki you’ll be able to see how many new notifications you have via a small icon in your taskbar. It works much in the same way as push notifications do on mobile. So instead of keeping a game open in a browser at all times or checking back periodically, you can now passively follow what’s going on.

Pokki also gives you much faster access to an app, as you’re always just one click away. Clicking on an app in the taskbar will open it in a new window.

The team at Sweetlabs decided to partner with Kabam initially because they believe that “their social games are unlike anyone else’s” in terms of quality and content. But you can expect to see future game announcements in the future as well.

Pokki will also be expanding to new platforms very soon. Currently Windows-only (available for XP, Vista, and Windows 7), we’re told that a Mac version of the software will be available early next year, and it will feature all of the same apps as its Windows counterpart.

You can find all four games here.

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