Kabam and Nimblebit to add to the Mobage network this summer

If you thought DeNA’s deal with Disney was their last big expansion, you’d better think again. With recent announcements from both Kabam and Nimblebit in partnership with the DeNA-owned Mobage social gaming network, one of Android’s largest social gaming services is bound to get even larger.

The Mobage network, already home to Android hits like Tiny Tower, Ninja Royale, and Skyfall, just announced a partnership with Kabam that would bring new titles to the network this summer.

“We are focused on selecting the best-in-breed games for the diverse Mobage catalog,” said Neil Young, CEO, ngmoco and director, DeNA. “We have been impressed with Kabam’s success with hardcore social games on the web and iOS and are excited to partner with them to bring some of their biggest franchises to Android.”

Kabam’s recent foray into the mobile market with Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North has been incredibly successful, with over one million downloads in its first month of availability. With the Kingdoms of Camelot franchise at nearly 20 million users, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the series finding a new home in the Mobage kingdom soon.

In addition to building new relationships, it seems Mobage’s current partners are here to stay as well. Nimblebit, creators of the multi-million seller Tiny Tower, have announced that their upcoming airline sim Pocket Planes will be swooping in to Android devices courtesy of Mobage this Summer.

By both attracting new faces and retaining the trust of old ones, Mobage seems to be in perfect position to make a huge impact. Their over 25 million user base continues to grow, allowing ngmoco to support their platform with superior connectivity support.

So, what’s next? With DeNA’s constant growth, it likely won’t be long before Mobage starts to make as big an impact on iOS as it has on Android.

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