Jumplight Odyssey Delayed as the Galactic Adventure is Grounded by Financial Woes

Jumplight Odyssey halts amid financial challenges; Galactic dreams paused, but hope twinkles in the uncertain cosmos.

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Hey, fellow space adventurers! Sad news in the galaxy today – Jumplight Odyssey, the starship extravaganza we’ve all been hyped about, is hitting the pause button. Yep, you heard it right. Why, you ask? Well, it’s not some alien invasion or cosmic catastrophe; it’s the good old financial crisis.

Sad Update

In a post on the game’s Steam page, Trent, the co-founder of League of Geeks, announced that they are pausing the development of the game. Apparently, running a spaceship game isn’t cheap – operation costs are skyrocketing faster than a rocket to the moon. Add in a not-so-friendly exchange rate and poor sales of the game’s Early Access version, things are not exactly flying off the virtual shelves.

Some Good For The Team

As a way of giving back to their team, Trent announced that for the “next twelve months or until development is resumed, half of their profit from every copy sold will be distributed to their team, including those whose employment was impacted.”

Some Hope For Us

It’s not game over for Jumplight Odyssey – at least, not yet. Trent hinted that if the stars align (and by stars, we mean investors), they might jump back into development. Fingers crossed, right? However, Trent isn’t sugarcoating it – the indie dev life in today’s market is scarier than a space monster with a toothache.

In Case You Don’t Know

Jumplight Odyssey is a game where players can build, customize, and pilot their own starships across a vast and dynamic galaxy. The game features a rich and immersive story, a complex and realistic simulation system, and a diverse and colorful cast of characters. It was launched in Early Access on August, 2023 on Steam.

To get you out of your sadness, we got you covered with another exciting news – Dragon’s Dogma II is coming early next year.

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