Journey to the Sweet Challenge is a title Based on Classic Chinese Literature. And candy

By Glenn Wilson |

Journey to the Sweet Challenge – or JTSC to its friends – is a game that sees you living in a candy house and venturing out into the world to meet new people and win more candy. It’s the life every child wants, and it’s one you should be checking out.

Currently in the midst of a successful Kickstarter campaign, JTSC is a casual title based on the traditional “81 difficulties” narrative. Don’t worry – we hadn’t heard of it either, but the trope will be familiar to players in China, and those familiar with classic Chinese literature. 

The twist, of course, is that JTSC consists of 81 candy-based challenges. 

You play as the Master of Candy – a role we are all born to play – and the gameplay sees you casting out from your candy house with your disciples Lollikong, Kimochu, Suger.E and more in tow. 

Your journeys take the form of stages, with each one unlocking new characters and so on. Challenging a stage lets you win its resources, such as new disciples, extra story features, elements, decorations, and more. In addition, the better you do the more POPs you win.

Needless to say, POPs are candy.

With your newly acquired loot you can head back to the delicious comfort of your candy house and start ploughing your resources into your property, adding new decorations and even extra structural features. 

While you’re at home you can also just hang out, Animal Crossing-style, interacting with your NPC pals, doing daily missions, taking part in lucky draws, or even hosting and visiting other players. You can send your disciples out on missions, too.

Out on the road, meanwhile, you’ll experience the game’s epic story, complete tons of challenges, earn achievements, and much more besides. Either way, you’re having a ball. 

There are 300+ decorations to collect, 50+ characters to unlock, 50+ gestures and emoji to give to your disciples, and over 81 stages, each of which contains 50 levels. That’s more than 1600 levels in total. 

JTSC will be available on iOS and Android soon, with a Switch version to follow if it reaches its stretch goal on Kickstarter. 

So head over there now to see how the game is shaping up and get involved by helping it along with a pledge.

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