Zynga quietly releases new Sims-style game, Party Place

Between lawsuits, studio closings, layoffs, and a rocky relationship with Facebook, Zynga has had a rough year. But the recent release of a new and original game shows the company isn’t ready to call it quits just yet. Party Place is a social game for mobile that allows you to create, customize and share your own party house, then invite friends over for a raging all-night blowout. It sports the tagline “fight and make-out with your friends”, so even if you’re not much of a party animal, you have to admit to at least a touch of curiosity.

The biggest surprise with Party Place is that it doesn’t appear to mirror the design of an existing game, a practice that has gotten the company into trouble on more than one occasion. With the Sims Social vs. The Ville lawsuit still fresh on our minds, maybe this is Zynga’s way of showing that it can develop a Sim-style game without making an out and out clone? On the other hand, maybe it’s a quick-stab attempt to look better in the eyes of the courts by adding something different to its release list.


At the time of writing, Party Place seems to be under a limited release, marked as “unavailable” for U.S.-based customers but available in Canada. We’ve contacted Zynga for more information on the game’s current status and release schedule. In the meantime, we’ll just have to fight and make-out with friends the old fashioned way.

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