Zynga’s Solstice Arena is now available on PC

By Greg Zesinger |

Last month we brought you the news that Zynga’s acclaimed mobile speed-MOBA game Solstice Arena had taken the battle to the Mac platform, and today we have word that PC owners are now among those listed who can get in on all of the fun. That’s right: Solstice Arena is now live for PC on Steam!

What’s great about the new PC version of the game is that it features full cross-platform support, so you can now play Solstice Arena against other gamers on the same server who are playing on their iPhones and iPads or Mac computers. All of the exhilarating and short-burst action will still be happening in real time, and Zynga has made sure to note that Solstice Arena has been built specifically for the PC platform ever since the early days of the game’s development cycle.

Completely balanced to hold up against its mobile counterparts, Solstice Arena on PC features intuitive single- and multi-touch mouse button controls, making it the perfect way to get in a few quick sessions on your desktop PC at work, and then a few more on your iPhone during the train ride home.

The new free-to-play PC version of Solstice Arena is available to download right now on Steam, and don’t forget to let us know your favorite way to play this action-packed MOBA down in the replies!

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