ZyngaPlusCasino lets U.K. residents gamble with real money in 2013

Say goodbye to valueless coins and useless piles of Farm Cash: Zynga wants you to play with your real money now. A website for ZyngaPlusCasino has surfaced online, and it looks to be the much-anticipated platform for Zynga’s online gambling service in the U.K. The website currently features a graphic of some familiar Zynga character silhouettes, including the iconic FarmVille cow, along with the enticing heading, “Coming Early 2013.”

The ZyngaPlusCasino website promises “an endless variety of games,” including Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat for U.K. residents 18 and older. In addition to these old gambling favorites, the website will also feature Video Slots (with a rumored FarmVille theme) at 5 cents a spin, which ZyngaPlusCasino assures us will be “simply Zyngatastic!”

While gamblers wait for the full service to launch, they can enter their email address to be notified of when they can play, and receive other alerts of upcoming Zynga products and features. Signing up now comes highly recommended, as the generous perks that ZyngaPlusCasino gives to new players seems to be the biggest drawing point of the service. After players make their first online deposit, they will be given a digital “Welcome Basket” full of bonuses and other alluring new player promotions. What these bonuses actually are remains to be seen, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about the full Welcome Basket details as the project takes off in the following months.


I’m personally excited to see how Zynga manages to incorporate their successful social mediums and inviting characters into the hardened and high-stakes world of online gambling. If anything, it will give gambling Americans like me a little more time to prepare their wallets if Zynga’s application to the Nevada Gaming Control Board is accepted this year, and ZyngaPlusCasino is brought to the U.S. I just hope if it does, I don’t go real-life bankrupt like I went bankrupt on Farm Cash.

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