Zynga Launches CityVille

Zynga launched CityVille, it’s mega-city building game. Of course, if you were following CityVille on Gamezebo, you would know this, since we said we’d be first to tell you when it’s released and we are game men (and women) of our word.

And now, you can be among the first in the world to try out CityVille for yourself.

As mentioned in our preview, CityVille is unique in that it is being released in five different languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French).

But that is not all. In the words of Zynga, CityVille features:

  • The ability for players to franchise and place businesses in each other?s cities, growing a headquarters and earning additional profits
  • 3D rendered and rotatable buildings for more fun and perspective
  • The ability to ship goods with friends and family, via train
  • The option to personalize and expand land in a whole new way ? in any direction, one section at a time
  • The biggest game board to date
  • And, each player can import and export goods via ships


Read our preview for our first impressions by yours truly.

Be sure to go to our CityVille page and click follow to be updated when we post our official review and game guides, and go to CityVille.comor Facebook o be first to play the game.

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