Zynga’s still buying companies, they just forgot to mention it

Back in August, we reported that Zynga may have acquired Astro Ape Studios. All of the signs were there. The company had made some great mobile social games, and the CEO and other employees had updated their LinkedIn profiles to say they worked at Zynga NY. But asides from this one small act, no official confirmation ever came. At least, not until now – and it turns out Astro Ape isn’t the only acquisition Zynga didn’t tell us about in recent months.

In addition to the acquisition of Astro Ape in August, Zynga purchased Page44 Studios in September, Gamedoctors in December, and HipLogic in the same month as Astro Ape. App Store watchers knew that something was up with Gamedoctors – their hit ZombieSmash has been showing Zynga as a publisher for a little while now – but like AstroApe, nobody could seem to get an official confirmation.

Well the cat’s out of the bag now – but one can’t help but wonder why Zynga didn’t announce these buys at the time they happened. Could it have had anything to do with their then-upcoming IPO? Regardless of the reasons, it’s just nice to see that Zynga seems to be going full tilt on their commitment to mobile. All four companies acquired are in the mobile space, and with recent releases like Dream Zoo, ForestVille, and Scramble With Friends, there’s no doubt that Zynga wants to be just as big on your iPhone as they do on Facebook.

[via Reuters]

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