Zynga’s next game may be FrontierVille

Back in December the popular Facebook developer Zynga went on something of a trademarking spree, registering more than 20 trademarks before the close of the month. Amongst those newly trademarked names were things like Hotel World, Poker Blitz, and TreasureVille. Some of these, like Poker Blitz and TreasureVille (eventually released as Treasure Isle) have already come to pass. The majority of these titles? They’re still in hiding. At least they were. It looks as though Zynga’s next Facebook game has started to surface, and it’s going to take place in the old west.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington is reporting that FrontierVille, one of the games whose name was registered last December, has started to pop up in screenshots on Facebook Developer test accounts. According to Arrington, the description for the game reads as follows;

“Howdy Pardner! Let’s explore a new life on the frontier. You gotta chop trees to construct buildings, clear land to raise livestock, plant crops, and raise a family. The untamed wilderness is hazardous, but your fellow pioneers are there to help.”

Arrington also reports that milestones for the game include things like “learned the ropes,” “just broke ground for a new homestead!,” and “just finished building a General Store in FrontierVille.”

With trademarks for Frontier and Frontier World registered alongside FronterVille back in December, it seems as though Zynga had long ago decided it was time to settle in the wild west. But the big question remains – exactly what kind of a game will FrontierVille be? An old west FarmVille? A city simulation with a historical twist? Maybe even a Westward type experience? We won’t know until Zynga lets the cat out of the bag. As soon as they do, you’d better believe that Gamezebo will be there to report on it.

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