Zynga releases two unannounced games to the Canadian App Store

Zynga’s big push into mobile gained a little more steam today, as the social giant released not one, but two previously unannounced games to the Canadian App Store. Mobile gamers in the Great White North can pull out their iPhone right now and snag Dream Heights and Dream PetHouse.

Following the same naming convention as their earlier release Dream Zoo, these two new titles seems to have solidified “Dream” as Zynga’s latest multiplatform brand, much like their already existing “Ville” and “With Friends” titles.

Dream Heights is Zynga’s attempt to go after the Tiny Tower demographic, while Dream PetHouse is more closely related to games like Tap Pet Hotel. Canadian gamers (and sneaky Americans with a Canadian account) can grab Zynga’s latest by clicking here and here respectively.

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Stay tuned to Gamezebo for our complete previews of both of these upcoming games soon!

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