Zynga may actually be worth those lofty estimates; recent filings put it at $4.6 Billion

Over the past few months it seems that every professional speculator and their brother were eager to throw around some insanely large numbers regarding Zynga. Back in February SharesPost suggested that the company might be worth $3.3 billion. Last month SecondShares thought it might be even higher, placing their best guess at $5 billion. It looks like the truth might have been somewhere in the middle, as Zynga has recently filed documents that place its value at an estimated $4.6 Billion.

The company has filed an amended incorporation document that will allow it to sell roughly 2 million preferred shares which could eventually be converted to common stock at $12.87 a share. Factoring in the 360 million shares outstanding, that pegs Zynga’s value at right around the $4.6 billion mark.

Several news agencies have attempted to reach Zynga, who have declined to comment. In light of our recent speculations, I can’t wonder what impact it would have on their possible $4.6 Billion value if they were to walk away from Facebook.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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