Zynga launches SMS version of Mafia Wars

Facebook mobsters who want to keep an eye on their ‘family’ while away from their desk will now be able to play Mafia Wars via SMS text messaging, Zynga announced today. Players will be able to fight opponents, collect money, visit the hospital, and complete a range of other activities all from their mobile phones.

The SMS version will also sync up with a player’s Facebook account, meaning that any actions completed on your mobile device will be reflected in your main game. Mafia Wars SMS isn’t a spin-off so much as it is an extension of the Facebook game.

To access Mafia Wars SMS, visit Mafia Wars on Facebook and click the help button. From there, choose SMS Mobile and enter your phone number on the sign-up page. Once registered you’ll be able to text all of your mob-related commands to MAFIA (62342). The game itself will be free, however standard message and data rates from your mobile carrier will apply.

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