Zynga launches Fairy Tale Twist, their take on the Candy Crush craze

If you’re a fan of Candy Crush Saga and you’re itchin’ for (yet) another game that follows its formula pretty closely, Zynga is ready to scratch that itch.

Fairy Tale Twist has just launched on Facebook and will be heading to mobile devices soon. The game replaces the sugary sweets of Candy Crush with a fun fairy tale vibe, but when it comes to gameplay, it’s pretty clear what Zynga’s latest offering is mimicking.

Still, that’s not too harsh a criticism in the world of social gaming. When someone hits on a winning formula, everyone wants to mimic it – and at least Zynga’s mimicked titles tend to match the quality of their inspiration pound for pound. After playing the first dozen levels of Fairy Tale Twist, I can safely say that this is no different.

You can find out for yourself by playing the game on Facebook now. Stay tuned for our full review later in the week.


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