Jetpack Joyride’s next update brings new kicks, cool tricks

Halfbrick has announced the next new and exciting update to Jetpack Joyride, a free iOS game that we loved and continue to love several times over. In fact, just about the only thing we love more is when Jetpack Joyride gets new updates to make it even more awesome.

Coming from the “Legitimate Research” lab, Barry Steakfries will have several new power-ups he can use to his advantage, including the new Air Barrys. These designer sneakers will allow Barry to jump over obstacles in his path.

Joining his arsenal are the Ezy-Dodge Missiles, which will allow Barry to quickly dodge out of the way of one at the very last second, and Free Ride, which looks to allow you to ride on Mr. Cuddles right from the start making your ride quite a bit easier as you go.

“These achievements and gadgets bring an all-new layer of gameplay and customization that will provide our fans with a unique experience every time they fire up the game.” said Chief Marketing Officer at Halfbrick, Phil Larsen.

These are just a few of the exciting new features in the 1.3. I guess my only question would be, what else could they possibly add? We’ll find out soon enough, and as update 1.3 will be arriving sometime this April.

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