Jetpack Joyride Now Has a TARDIS

…well, sort of. It’s called a “Barry Box” here, and it transports people in space rather than space and time — but hey, us Whovians will take what we can get.

As you can probably guess from the video above, The Barry Box is an upgrade to the Transporter rather than an entirely new vehicle. Jetpack Joyride fans will need to spend 50,000 coins to get their hands on it (or $3.99 if you’re not willing to grind).

Joining The Barry Box in update 1.7 are  two other new vehicle upgrades: Bubbles (an upgrade to the Wave Rider) and Colossatron (an upgrade to Mr. Cuddles).

We all remember Colossatron, right?

If you haven’t played Jetpack Joyride in a while, this should give you  the needed incentive to do so. There have been a few other cool additions in recent updates too (S.A.M. from 1.6, for example), so it’s a pretty good time to jump back in and see what’s new.

And besides — Doctor Who!

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