Is Xbox Live about to make a big push towards iOS and Android integration?

Until Sauron devises the One Service to connect all mobile games, we’ve had to make do with a patchwork quilt of systems to serve up achievements, leaderboards, friend notifications and the like. There’s GameCenter for iOS, Google Play Games for Android, and products like OpenKit attempting to cover all the bases.

But a familiar face with plenty of resources at its disposal might be entering the fray. Sources have told The Verge that Microsoft is looking to expand Xbox Live to offer mobile games some of the same features the service has provided to console games, even going so far as to create job posts looking for developers to aid in the initiative.


Whatever your opinion of Microsoft, this would be a boon for people who play console or PC games and also like to do some mobile gaming, helping keep them connected to their friends without relying on multiple services. It would also make thing easier for the increasing number of game designers who want to create truly cross-platform games. The potential downside is also obvious – insert your joke about having to pay for an Xbox Live Gold account here.

It’s worth noting that our very own editor-in-chief Jim Squires predicted Microsoft would take a crack at using Xbox Live this way, though he was calling for it to happen last year. Let’s assume that our boss isn’t a futurist on par with Tony Stark and just call this an idea too obvious for Microsoft not to at least investigate, and it appears the company thinks it’s worth making a reality.

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