Is Ticket to Ride’s train conductor in Broken Age?

It’s funny how a little time and some outside influence can really help sway your opinion. When I first played Broken Age last month and met the train conductor, I turned to my wife and shouted “LOOK! IT’S THE TICKET TO RIDE GUY!!” I was promptly told that “all train conductors look like that,” put my tail between my legs, and went back to saving the yarnpals on that runaway train.

Now, a few weeks later, former Gamezebo contributor Dan Zuccarelli has noticed the same thing.


Dan has stitched together a pretty handy comparison image that proves my original inclination right: that’s totally the same guy. Every little detail is exact, from the bag to button count to the details on his hat. The only difference is that his positioning is mirrored from his original appearance in Ticket to Ride.

Blatant rip-off, or loving homage/easter egg? I’m inclined to go with the latter. Besides, I’m still wondering why everybody in the game has Muppet noses.

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