Is Playdead considering a mobile port of Limbo?

How do you feel about thick mists, gigantic spiders that prey on children, and little boys who wander through deadly black-and-grey purgatories with their eyes glowing like unworldly foglamps? If you answered “Man, I am all about that,” then Playdead might have a career for you. Going by a job listing on, it’s possible that the Denmark-based studio is looking for someone to help them port last year’s indie hit, Limbo, onto mobile platforms.

Limbo is an intensely creepy puzzle-platforming game that received overwhelmingly positive praise when it was distributed over XBLA, PSN, and Steam. The prospect of a mobile adaptation is highly compelling. Playdead hasn’t stated anything official, but its job posting is telling.

“We are looking for a programmer to port our games for new platforms,” it says. “We have already released a game on X360, PS3, Windows, OSX and OnLive and we are continuously investigating other possible platforms. Your job is primarily porting to new platforms and secondarily maintaining current platforms. Our engine is written in C++, with an architecture made for multiple platforms.

“We are currently investigating following new platforms; iOS, Win8, Android, NACL and other platforms could become relevant as well.”

The listing also mentions that Playdead is currently working on a new IP.

With any luck, we’ll be playing Limbo on our mobile phones and freaking out on buses in no time. In the meantime, if you think you’re good for team Playdead, submit your Resume, pack up your stuff for a move to Denmark, and if you make it, watch out for those giant Danish spiders.

[via Gamasutra]

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