Is Halfbrick teasing a new game?

Halfbrick Studios should be a pretty familiar name around these parts, as the developer has helped shape the mobile games industry with trademark titles such as Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, and most recently, Fish Out of Water. Well now it looks like Halfbrick has begun teasing another new game they have hiding up their sleeves, as a vague teaser video has appeared on the developer’s blog this morning.

The brief 18-second video doesn’t tell us much about what we can expect, other than a quick glimpse of what appears to be a giant spacecraft of sorts hurtling towards the Earth in a bout of flames. The blog post simply states “Mysterious object caught on camera!” and poses the question, “What could it be?!” Perhaps the early signs of a new space- or UFO-themed game in the works?

Well your guess is as good as mine right now, but hopefully we’ll be able to learn more information about the strange teaser video after this weekend’s PAX Australia event, which Phil Larsen had just been talking about on camera in the video before the mysterious object in question appeared.

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