Is FarmVille finally going mobile?

With more than 80 million users every month, it’s seems downright criminal that Zynga have dragged their heels on bringing FarmVille to mobile devices like the iPhone and Android. It’s not that Zynga’s afraid of the market – the company offers both an iPhone and SMS version of its popular mob game Mafia Wars. And it’s not even that squeezing a game like this onto such a device would be all that difficult – the developers of Zombie Farm have pulled it off swimmingly. Whatever the reason, some clues have surfaced that suggest our long mobile wait may finally be coming to an end.

Four new domain names were registered last week through DNStination Inc. – the same registration service used by Zynga when it registered They were,, and While this may be far from concrete evidence that Zynga is planning on releasing mobile versions of FarmVille, it certainly gives reason to speculate.

But speculation is speculation, so consider this a hopeful rumor at best. Still, such a move would make sense. FarmVille going mobile at some point seems like an inevitability, and with Zynga openly making efforts to grow FarmVille beyond Facebook with the launch of and their MSN Games partnership, moving into the mobile market only makes sense.

The flipside, of course, is that even if Zynga did purchase the domains it’s not necessarily an indication that they’re bringing Farmville to mobile. In fact, this could be little more than domain-squatting on their part to prevent hucksters from taking advantage of their good name. Or it might not even be Zynga that has purchased these at all.

Only time will tell if this is mere coincidence or a sign of things to come – but don’t be too surprised if you see FarmVille pop up on the App Store.

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