iOS users spend 45% more on IAP than Android

If you’re a developer making a free-to-play games and you’re not sure which mobile platform to target first, you’ll probably want to check out today’s App Monetization and Engagement Report from the mobile analytics firm Swrve. Based on data gathered from millions of users across dozens of IAP-powered apps, it looks like there’s some truth to the generally accepted bias out there: people with iPhones can bring you more money.

How much more? Developers are seeing 45% more revenue per user according to Swrve’s report. They further claim that there are 32% more users being monetized on iOS than Android, and that paying users are spending 10% more on iOS too.


In other words, it’s a clean sweep. Swrve’s report suggests that iOS is the monetization king for IAP-powered games.

Android doesn’t fall behind in every metric that matters, though. The report also shows that Android users have a higher rate of engagement. The time they spend in apps is 17% higher than iOS, and the number of sessions is 18% higher. If you’re looking to up the amount of time that people are spending in your game (take note, developers monetizing through displayed ads), Android seems to be the place to be.

Still though – based on Swrve’s findings, longer engagement doesn’t seem to translate into larger spending.

Click here to check out the full report.

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