iOS brings the best HTML5 gaming experience in mobile, says new report

Thanks to a report published by recently, we have now discovered which mobile devices reign supreme when it comes to running HTML5 games and applications. The answer: Nothing comes close to iOS (and especially the iPad 2) in terms of performance.

The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 performed extremely well on the PerfMarks report, in that they could handle between 200-300 moving objects on screen at once. This is impressive, because this was previously believed to only be possible with a native application on both iOS and Android.

While Android did not perform nearly as well as iOS in these HTML5 tests, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the clear leader of that pack. Every other Android phone performed so poorly that they’re not even worth mentioning. But while these phones performed poorly, the iPhone 3GS was able to maintain a decent score that trumped all tested Android devices.

“HTML5 is getting faster over time, as seen in the latest OS updates across Android and iOS. Although this is a welcome trend, there is still a long way to go,” says founder Ben Savage. “We hope the PerfMarks report will act as a bellwether for mobile browser and operating system creators who hope to better serve the HTML5 game development community.”

The next chance we will have to look at how new devices are faring (including the inevitable iPad 3), will be on May 21st at the HTML5 Game Developer Conference. Hopefully we’ll see some better performing Android devices by then.

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