iOS 4.2 released, brings Game Center to iPad

When iOS 4.1 launched back in September, iPad owners were left out in the cold. As great as their new device was, they couldn’t do half of the cool things their little cousins now could. Multitasking, folders, and Game Center all remained well out of their reach. Now, more than two months later, Apple has righted that wrong.

iOS 4.2 has just been released to the iDevice toting public. Owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can now bask in the glow of new features that the latest update has provided, including AirPlay streaming to AppleTV devices and the ‘Find My Phone’ feature being opened up to users without a MobileMe account, free of charge.

Most importantly though, iPad gamers will finally gain access to all of the content from the 4.1 update—in other words, Game Center. Expect to see a slew of iPad game updates hit in the next few days to add Game Center functionality.

To get iOS 4.2 simply sync your iDevice to iTunes, click on your device’s summary tab, and click ‘update.’

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