Investors bet on Crowdpark with $6 million funding announcement

Crowdpark, the developer behind social betting game Bet Tycoon, has received $6 million in funding to help expand its business and the betting genre as a whole, with new games, platforms, and technology.

When added to previous investments, Crowdpark has now raised $8 million in funding. The Berlin-based developer’s first release, Bet Tycoon, currently has just under half a million monthly active users. The game lets players bet virtual currency on any topic they like, from sports games to entertainment events.

“We aim to extend our growth and build amazing games based on our dynamic betting technology, and in other hot growth categories such as casino games,” Crowdpark co-founder and chief product officer Ingo Hinterding said.

In addition to improving its existing technology and hiring new staff, Crowdpark also plans to begin development on all-new games, including cross-platform and mobile experiences.



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