Introducing Gamezebo Deals Now!

I want to to introduce you to our brand spanking new “Deals Now!” button in our Meebo Bar below. Every time we hear and report about an awesome game sale, highly rated games that drop in price, free game code giveaways, and beta test offers, we’ll feature it here under “Deals Now!”

The key is that it’s deals now. All deals now are time limited. We may feature a sale that goes on for a weekend, or give away 5 free codes, or share an opportunity for 10 people to be first to beta test a game before everyone else.

The game deals will always be changing, so be sure to click on the Deals Now button in the Meebo bar below to find out what’s the games deal, right here, right now!

At Gamezebo, we’re focused on helping you find the right game, at the best price, no matter the device.

To that end, we’ve introduced this past year the Web’s first cross-platform price drop wall, the ability to track price drops for any game we cover, a games contest and giveaway forum where developer can post their own deals, and a new “freemium” tag showcasing all free to play games we cover across multiple platforms.

The Deals Now! button is our latest exciting new feature to find out the coolest game deals online. Enjoy!

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