Inside Office Attacks!: Meet the Staff

Inside Office Attacks! is a two-month long series on the making of Arctic Empire’s next game, Office Attacks! In each entry, Gamezebo readers will get exclusive access to screenshots, videos, and info about game, as well as a chance to ask questions and influence the development process.


Hey everybody! I’m Josh Garellek, and I’m part of the team at Arctic Empire. Last week, we got a chance to announce our brand new tower defense game, Office Attacks!. We introduced you to a world of 9-to-5 chaos, complete with the tools and powers to do something about it. Now, it’s time to meet some of the terrible targets of all that stress. After all, what better way to start a Monday than by plotting revenge?

In designing Office Attacks!, the enemies were easily some one of our favourite parts. And the most important. The desire to get even at work is almost universal, so we knew right from the start that each character mattered. These weren’t drooling enemies we were creating. They were extensions of the big, bold, sometimes stereotypical personalities we’ve all encountered. In offices. In retail. In call centres.


And so we worked with our animator Jake to do just that. Create instantly recognizable personalities instead of highly specific characters. From the way they walk to their individual attacks, each one of the staff is made to represent one of the kinds of people you’ve probably worked with at some point. The kinds you’re probably working with right now. They’re almost all over the top, but the goal with each one was the same. Give each player the ability to see each character, and immediately pair them up with someone they’ve been around at work or in life.

So: see anyone you recognize?

The Bitter Know-it-All: Joely Perchard-Willows


Joely is a world traveler. Seriously. As a level 76 Archmage, he’s LARPed in multiple different dimensions. This month, he mastered eighth language: Haskell programming, that is. He also a whiz at HTML – in Klingon. In his spare time, he’s charting the historical link between Tolkein’s elves and Rowling’s. Mnyah!

Joely’s tech. savviness means he spends his time disabling towers as he approaches, slowing them down for a full three seconds. Get rid of him fast, of you’ll find him at Steve’s desk live-action role-playing at you with no remorse.

The Chatty Cathy: Kiki Wiper


There’s never any shortage of things to talk about with Kiki. As long as you’re talking about her, of course. You know those people who find a way to make every one of your conversations about their bad date, breakup, weekend, or meal? Even they find Kiki selfish.

Kiki seems normal enough… until she takes a few hits. Get her in a mood, and she’ll become double as fast, bolting towards Steve desk to tell him all about her car troubles, house issues, love life, and just about anything else you can think of but did not want to hear about!

The Smarmy CEO: Kars Mazdah


Kars Mazda here. Kars Mazda won’t have some amateur writing his biography. He’ll pay a professional ghost writer, like any good CEO. And he is a great CEO. Kars Mazda has won “Best CEO” six years running, from the prestigious KM Foundation. Now get back to work!

Sorry about the interruption there. Kars Mazdah’s like that. After all, he is the CEO. And not just any CEO; the kind who needs to have something to complain about in order to be happy. He’ll spend all his time on stage dodging attacks twice as fast, so make quick work of him with speedy towers or find him at Steve’s desk berating him double time… for something he didn’t do.

The goal with the staff was to create a group of enemies you’re going to love to hate. Not the kind of baddies you barely look at as they move along the screen. Whether it’s the customized moves and animations or recognizable personalities, we wanted to give you lots of incentive to craft exciting new ways to get rid of everyone in sight.

So you tell us. From who you’ve seen so far, who do you recognize the most in your day-to-day? Which of the three characters above brings you the most stress? And who are you looking forward to hearing about next?

Feel free to leave comments below, or on Facebook and twitter! Get more news about Office Attacks! by following the main character Steve @OfficeAttacks for screenshots, trailers, and other exclusive info.

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