Inkee Doodle is an Incremental Clicker That Lets You Destroy Your Creations

By Glenn Wilson |


Inkee Doodle isn’t quite like anything we’ve played before. It’s got a dash of Scribblenauts, a soupcon of Cookie Clicker, and a generous helping of cutting edge tech, all mashed together to create something totally unique. 

Here’s how it works. The first thing you need to do is draw something. Inkee Doodle comes with its own compact but comprehensive art editor, allowing you to change the color, tint, shade, and size of your brush using a couple of simple sliders. 

Using the tip of your finger, you can draw whatever you like – a multicolored bike, a square apple, a monochrome rainbow, a purple dog, a random bundle of squiggly shapes. It’s up to you, and whatever you go for the process is intuitive and quick.

Once you’re happy with your creation, the next step is to bring it to life by holding down the Play icon. This turns your static drawing into a virtual object that falls to the bottom of the screen and wobbles about like a water balloon. Now comes the really fun part. 

Using your fingers and your phone’s accelerometer you need to bash, yank, tear, and toss your shape about, causing it to shed candies that you have to tap to collect. You can keep smashing and collecting for as long as you like.

After that, it’s back to the menu screen to cash in your candies at the in-game shop, where you can buy various upgrades. These all do different things, but the upshot of them all is that they allow you to collect more candies next time around, in turn allowing you to buy more expensive and effective upgrades. That’s where the clicker gameplay loop comes in.

Inkee Doodle is a unique clicker thanks to the personalisation it allows. And this is made possible by the game’s advanced art asset conversion algorithms, along with a robust physics engine. Any transparent PNG images you can get your hands on you can upload – so you can imagine what’s possible in terms of celebrity faces you can add in.

And developer Atomic Inc claims that Inkee Doodle is just scratching the surface of what the tech can do. The forthcoming Inkee Olympics, for example, will allow players to enter their creations into athletics contests. 

Inkee Doodle is available to download for free right now on Google Play, with an iOS version to be released soon.

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