Indiegogo Picks: Mimpi

Dogs see the world in black and white (well, actually, muddy shades of yellow and grey), but are their dreams as dully-colored as their waking vision? It’s impossible to know for sure; we can’t simply ask our canine friends, as their responses probably wouldn’t go far beyond “Woof!”. That said, there’s nothing wrong with adopting Silicon Jelly’s optimistic world view and assuming that dogs dream in fantastic shades of pink and white.

Mimpi: Puzzle Platformer Adventure is a platforming/puzzle game starring a dog who’s wrapped deep in a dream. Outside the dream, reality is deprived of color and life. Inside the dream, however, are green skies, pink water, and orange fish.

This is one complex dream, which is probably why Mimpi is capable of getting hurt even while he’s wrapped in dream land. You help keep Mimpi’s dreams out of the nightmare zone by solving puzzles that require you to manipulate the environment. Move clouds to make steps and reach high places. Feed flies to fish so that they don’t snack on Mimpi instead. Water trees with rain so that Mimpi can climb its branches and move on.

The picture-based puzzle solving in Mimpi is engineered to be intuitive and attractive for all ages. Silicon Jelly has the first part of the game (about four or five hours of gameplay) ready to go in March, but the studio is hoping that it can raise $10,000 and add plenty of new content following the spring release.

If you donate $1 to the Mimpi project, you’ll get a downloadable wallpaper. For a $5 pledge, you’ll get the game’s soundtrack. $10 earns you a PC or Mac download of the game.

If you want to think big, $500 will grab you a cameo as an in-game boss, and $3,000 will pay your way to a party in Prague with the staff of Silicon Jelly!

If you want to learn more about dogs and dreams, visit the indiegogo page for Mimpi.

Indiegogo Picks is a series on Gamezebo that profiles Indiegogo projects in the world of video games. We’re doing this in the hopes of calling attention to interesting projects in need of funding, so please, if a game looks like something you’d want to play, don’t hesitate to lend it your support!

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