Indiegiving helps game developers attend GDC and FGS for a great cause

Want to attend GDC and FGS (that is, the Games Developer Conference and Flash Games Summit for those who do not like acronyms) at a discounted price? Flash Games License and its sponsors have launched Indiegiving make this happen, there’s a catch – you must volunteer all day Saturday after the conference to help a local charity in need.

For just $125, you can a hotel room to share for 3 nights and passes to both conferences. For $250 (or more if you are in the giving mood) you get all that and your own room.

The charity is OBUGS, an Oakland-based charity providing youth and children with activities and educational programs surrounding the growing of urban gardens, as well as providing food for the kids to bring to the family table.

It’s a great cause and a good travel deal to attend GDC and FGS in San Francisco in early March. So, if you planning to attend the shows, definitely check it out. The deadline for sponsors is Feb 14 and the deadline for donate and attend is soon. The site says Feb 6, but I just got word from Chris Hughes of Flash Games License that it has been extended.

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