IndieGameStand launches, invites users to pay what they want

By Dant Rambo |

As we make our way closer to an all-digital future, more and more sites with the promise of fantastic downloadable games continue to crop up. IndieGameStand is just such a site, though it’s presenting itself in a format different from most. It features a new game every 4 days, and invites users to pay whatever they like for it. Basically, it’s like the Woot and Humble Indie Bundle models got together and had a beautiful indie gaming baby.

As if supporting an indie developer wasn’t enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, ten percent of your payment will go to a charity of the developer’s choice. Don’t worry, I’ll sit here and wait for your heart to finish growing two sizes. All done? Let’s continue!

When purchasing a game, you’ll have the opportunity to throw the previously featured game as well as the upcoming one in your virtual cart, creating what all the kids are calling a “bundle.” If you’re interested in a game that was featured much earlier, you’ll have to journey off the site and track it down elsewhere. That’s what you get for taking too long!

The site has launched today, with the promise of over 50 developers signed up to distribute their games through it.

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