Indie Royale’s “Xmas Bundle 2.0” will put you in the holiday spirit

By Dant Rambo |

Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, it’s all about opening up a bunch of awesome presents; for others, it’s about spending time with family and drinking way too much eggnog. But for us at Gamezebo, it’s that beautiful time of year when we curl up under a blanket and play way too many games. This year will be no different, thanks in large part to Indie Royale‘s latest offering of indie goodness.

Quite honestly, the “Xmas Bundle 2.0” makes for the perfect gift. Not only are you providing a friend/family member with a bunch of great, DRM-free games, but much of what you spend on the bundle will go to indie developers. 

Or you could just purchase the bundle for yourself! There’s nothing wrong with that. And besides, it would be hard to blame you given the quality of the games being offered:

  • Colour Bind – If you find yourself bored with gravity, Colour Bind can fix that. It’s a puzzle-platformer set in a world where gravity is dictated by color rather than mass. Take that, Isaac Newton!
  • Offspring Fling! – In Offspring Fling, you play a forest creature on a quest to find all her children and bring them back home. It won’t be easy, but it helps greatly that your children allow you to throw them around the levels and pile them on your head in order to reach buttons. What teamwork!*
  • Serious Sam Double D – It’s truly impressive how many genres the Serious Sam games have dabbled in, as Serious Sam Double D is a fine example of. Where once Sam traipsed about 3D worlds, Double D removes a dimension and delivers an experience more along the lines of classic games like the Metal Slug series. But worry not: it’s just as crazy as every other Serious Sam game.
  • Serious Sam: The Random Encounter – Was that not enough Sam for you? Understandable! The Random Encounter is, as its name so cheekily acknowledges, a turn-based RPG. If this abrupt changeup in genre has you concerned, the fact that Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing) developed it ought to ease your nerves just a bit.
  • Puzzle Bots – If you’re feeling nostalgic for the adventure games of yesteryear, then Puzzle Bots is the game for you. More importantly, if ever you’ve wanted a pet robot (who hasn’t?), here’s your chance.
  • Little Kingdom – Little Kingdom is the rare strategy game that doesn’t feature any combat. You’re on a mission to take over the world, but rather than wage war with other countries or tribes, you focus instead on your own economy and, by extension, your influence over the world.

As is common of Indie Royale bundles, paying over $8 will net you a bonus gift. This time around it’s the chiptune album “Rhythm’n’Bits” by Yoann Turpin. If you’re starting to get sick of all the Christmas music, this looks like the perfect way to drown it out.

*Offspring Fling also comes with a bonus game called Namiko

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