Indie Royale’s Valentine’s Bundle now available

By Jim Squires |

Hot on the heels of their first “Lightning” Pack, Indie Royale has just launched their sixth major collection of games for a budget price – and this time, love is in the air!

Indie Royale’s The Valentine’s Bundle doesn’t do terribly much to embrace the notions of sweetness and romance, but they do seem pretty confident that you’ll “love” the five games on offer. If you’re thinking of grabbing this bundle, be sure to show your fellow gamers some love by spending more than the minimum. After all, like every Indie Royale bundle, one big purchase can lower the price for everyone else!

The contents of Indie Royale’s latest bundle are;

  • Zeno ClashBuilt using Valve’s source engine, this first-person action adventure (described as “Dark Messiah meets Double Dragon“) earned an IGF nomination for Visual Arts in 2009.
  • Hoard – Why be the dragon-slaying hero when you could be the dragon?
  • Lume This popular indie adventure/puzzler was considered gorgeous but flawed in our 2011 review.
  • Soulcaster – This Indie Royale Bundle will see the world debut of not one, but two Soulcaster games from developer MagicalTimeBean. If you like dungeons and you like early NES-style flavor, you’re going to want to check this out.
  • Soulcaster II – It’s like Soulcaster, but one better.

In addition to the five games in the Bundle, early purchasers will have a chance to grab some “extra love” in the form of two DLC packs for Hoard.

Planning on spending some time indoors and alone this Valentine’s Day? Be sure to keep yourself distracted by picking up this fine collection of indie titles here! This bundle ends, as you’d expect, on February 14th.

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