Indie Royale’s “The Really Big Bundle” now available

By Jim Squires |

While only a month old, the indie games bundling site Indie Royale is really picking up steam (and we don’t just mean the digital download service!) They’ve taken a fairly unique approach to what they offer, with a price that drops whenever a kindly consumer donates more than the current minimum price. Their third bundle launched this morning, and like the first two, it’s got some real treasures in there.

Because of the success the site has seen so far, the team behind Indie Royale decided to introduce a pre-order option this time around. For the last week or so, gamers could lock in at a low price, but the trade off is that they wouldn’t know which games were in the bundle until it launched on the 29th. It seems to have worked, because only an hour into the launch, the site is claiming more than 13,000 bundles so far.

“The Really Big Bundle” collects the following five games together as a single purchase price;

  • Really Big Sky, a frantic space shooter that earned a nearly perfect score right here on Gamezebo
  • Runespell: Overture – a role-playing game with some poker and collectible card game mechanics mixed in.
  • Cthulhu Saves the World – A terrific little homage to old school RPG’s with a very tongue-in-cheek silliness to it
  • Eufloria – An ambient game with a unique sense of style, and a touch of real time strategy
  • Breath of Death VII – yet another humorous RPG from the makers of Cthulhu Saves the World

You can pick it up for yourself by visiting

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