Indie Royale’s “Stuffing Bundle” is a visual feast

By Dant Rambo |

Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the US of A won’t be celebrating until this Thursday. And since many of you (and me!) will be devouring absurd amounts of food, you’ll (and I’ll!) inevitably struggle with the boredom that comes with being too lethargic to move. For that, we have a solution: Indie Royale has launched “The Stuffing Bundle,” featuring more games than you can shake a drumstick at.

Much like a table covered with traditional Thanksgiving food, there’s a little something for everyone here–Except giblets, because those are gross. You have your point-and-click adventure, your building sim, your retro platformer, and more.

And now that I’ve likely filled your mind with awful memories of giblets, the least I could do is list the games included in The Stuffing Bundle:

  • The Dream Machine: Chapters 1-3 – If you’ve been in the market for an adventure game constructed of clay and cardboard, look no further. It’s worth noting, though, that some of the characters are a tad creepy, and its story may make you feel like you’re on drugs. All good things, as far as I’m concerned!
  • Puzzle Agent 2 – Although it helps to have played the first Puzzle Agent, it certainly isn’t required for enjoyment of the sequel. It’s a solid adventure game with gorgeous artwork, featuring some very clever puzzle design.
  • Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition – If you ask a kid what they’d like to be when they grow up, there’s a 4 in 10 chance they’ll respond with “Pharaoh.” At least I think that’s what that Snapple cap said…
  •  In any case, Children of the Nile lets you do just that, providing you all the resources needed to build and rule over a living, breathing, and sand-covered city.  
  • Anomaly: Warzone Earth – It just so happens that, when combined, action and strategy gameplay make one heck of a video game sandwich. Case in point: Anomaly: Warzone Earth. You’re all that stands between Earth and invading aliens, and saving the planet requires a mix of both strategizing and straight up decimating. It’s a tall order, but someone’s gotta do it.
  • Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery – Retro platformers are all the rage these days, but Adventures Apes and the Mayan Mystery differentiates itself with the help of “metroidvania” sensibilities. Well, that and the fact that you’re playing as a monkey.

And, as always, there’s a little something extra for those who pitch in some additional funds. If you pay $8 or above, you’ll receive a download of chiptune album “Tree of Knowledge” by yogurtbox (their lowercase, not mine). The album was inspired by “Japanese PC-98 game soundtracks,” so expect a whole lot of perkiness. In fact, I guess you could call it the cup of coffee that comes after Thanksgiving dessert. 

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