Indie Royale’s “Replay Bundle Vol. 1” is sure to give you deja vu

If you’ve followed Indie Royale’s shenanigans with any sort of regularity, chances are you’re familiar with most or all of the games in the “Replay Value Bundle Vol. 1.” It’s comprised of various titles that showed up in previous bundles, making it something of a greatest hits collection for the site. And, as is par for the course, there are a few awesome extras being offered to those who decide to pay a little extra for their bundle. Get hype!

A rehash of past bundle entrants or not, this is an incredibly solid lineup of games. There appears to be a little something for everyone, except maybe those of us who refuse to play anything that wasn’t released by a major developer. It’s called the Indie Royale, after all. Get with the program.

Now that I’ve talked your ear off, here are the games included in the bundle:

  • Nuclear Dawn – What do you get when you combine the FPS and RTS genres? Nuclear Dawn, that’s what.
  • Defense Grid: The Awakening – A tower defense game of epic proportions.
  • Gemini Rue – A cyberpunk adventure game set in a dystopian future. It may or may not leave you feeling nostalgic for Blade Runner.
  • Soulcaster- A retro dungeon crawler with more treasure than you can shake a wand at.
  • Soulcaster II – Believe it or not, this game actually has nothing to do with Soulcaster. (Okay I lied. It’s the sequel)

Now about those bonuses I mentioned. Everyone who purchases the bundle will receive the soundtracks for both Soulcaster I and II, a remix album for Soulcaster II, and a few pieces of DLC. Should you pitch in $8 or more, you’ll receive the 8 Bit Weapon Collection, a 56-track chiptune album. Can your MP3 player handle that much perky music? Let’s hope so.

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