Indie Royale’s June Bug Bundle now available

By Jim Squires |

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were writing about the latest Indie Royale news (waitaminnit… it was only yesterday – be sure to read about their new rewards program!), and yet – like clockwork – the indie bundle megastars have just released yet another great package worthy of your attention.

This morning marked the debut of The June Bug Bundle, and at the risk of editorializing, it might just be my favorite Indie Royale bundle to date. Why? Well just take a look at the games they’re featuring. Any bundle that includes releases from both Q Games and Cipher Prime is pretty much a must-buy, folks.

This month’s bundle includes;

  • PixelJunk Eden – Originally a PlayStation Network exclusive, this unique platforming experiment feels even more at home in its recent PC release. It’s artsy, it’s eclectic – and it’s one of the most beautiful games that will ever grace your desktop.
  • Escape Goat – Another game to previously appear on a console, 2011’s Escape Goat that was previously on Xbox Live is making its PC debut right here in this new Indie Royale bundle! Help a goat… well… escape, with the help of a crafty mouse through puzzle platforming goodness.
  • Noitu Love 2: Devolution – Old school, side-scrolling action gets reborn in all its pixelated glory. If you miss the days of crazy fast 16-bit action gaming, this is the Indie Royale pick for you.
  • Auditorium – Cipher Prime has released some great music-based games over the last few years, and Auditorium? It was one of their first. If you were a fan of games like Pulse and Fractal, be sure to go back and see where it all started.

As usual, the price for the bundle fluctuates based on what people choose to pay above and beyond the current minimum, so be sure to pay big and make it cheaper for the rest of us, will you? And if you pay more than $7, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus chiptune album – Bits with Byte by 8 Bit Weapon.

It’s like your mother always told you – it pays to be kind.

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