Indie Royale unleashes The Back to School Bundle

By Dant Rambo |

Those lovable scamps at Indie Royale are at it again, this time offering up a bundle of games to prepare us for the beginning of the school year. Appropriately titled “The Back to School Bundle”, it’s filled with enough indie goodness to distract you from schoolwork until the end of the semester. Take that, education!

It’s possible your wallet is cowering in fear. Hiding, even. If that’s the case, offer it a nice cup of cocoa and tell it everything will be fine. While pitching in $8.00 or more will net you a chiptune album from minusbaby, the current minimum payment required is $5.43. Not a bad price for seven games! Speaking of, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Swords & Soldiers – A side-scrolling strategy game that pits age-old rivals against one another, like Vikings and the Aztecs!
  • Lunar Flight – It’s the reimagining of classic Atari game Lunar Lander that retro fans have been waiting for.
  • Sequence – An action-RPG where players are challenged to survive and navigate their way through a mysterious tower.
  • Flying Red Barrel – A vertical shoot-em-up with some of the cutest dogfights we’ve ever seen.
  • Bunny Must Die! – A Metroidvania-esque title with gorgeous retro graphics and challenging puzzles to boot.
  • Qlione – As much fun to play as it is to say, Qlione is a hectic 2D shoot-em-up set in a psychedelic, vector-based world.
  • Cute Things Dying Violently – A physics-based puzzle game where – you guessed it – cute animals meet an untimely death.

The bundle can be purchased here:

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