Indie Royale reveals the Graduation Bundle

Ah, graduation. A time of accomplishment, success, freedom, and really cheap indie games. Wait, what? You heard right! So while you’re marching down the rows to Pomp and Circumstance, worried about where your future will take you, Indie Royale is here to ensure that expensive games won’t be one of your worries.

This month’s bundle, appropriately titled the Graduation Bundle, comes with five great indie titles at a low price. And, just like life after Graduation itself, this bundle comes with a nice surprise: an exclusive Beta invitiation!

The graduating class of this bundle includes:

The Void – Ice Pick Lodge’s colorful first-person action-adventure about guiding your lost soul between life and death.

Dead Pixels – CSR Studio’s side-scrolling zombie shoot-em-up, full of randomly-generated cities and 22 different zombies to slay.

The Ship – The zany multiplayer murder party about hunting and being hunted during a 1920s cruise. Comes with two additional Steam keys to give to your friends! And each of those keys comes with another free code. It’s five copies in one!

1000 Amps – The minimalistic light-based puzzle platformer that earned 4.5 stars out of 5 here at Gamezebo!

Lasercat – The 8-bit Metroidvania-esque platformer featuring a bold feline adventurer and wacky trivia questions.

AirMech (Steam Beta) – All purchasers of this bundle will receive a Steam Beta code for this upcoming free-to-play action-RTS. All players will also get an exclusive in-game item: the graduation cap! Increasing the amount of experience you gain, the graduation cap should be a great way to help you rise through the ranks.

To Be Announced – As if six games wasn’t enough, Indie Royale has announced that another game will be unlocked over the course of the bundle. Everybody loves surprises

Keeping in tradition, donations of $7 or more will receive a great chiptunes album. This month’s special? Cheap Dinosaurs’ self-titled album, normally $6 on its own. And as usual, bundlers who pay more than the minimum will help lower the cost of the bundle for everybody else.

If you’re looking for what looks to be one of the biggest Indie Royale bundles yet, head over to their site and check out the Graduation Bundle. With prices these low, you’ll barely leave a dent in your stack of graduation cash.

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