Indie Royale launches Spring bundle

Just like Spring fever, you never know when a new Indie Royale bundle is going to spread. It looks like bargain indie titles are becoming infectious: it’s Indie Royale’s second bundle this month!

The Indie Royale Spring Bundle contains more great indie titles then ever. With six games currently priced well under $5, Indie Royale’s newest bundle looks like the perfect way to put some spring back into your step.

This month’s bundle includes:

  • Unstoppable Gorg – A sci-fi tower defense adventure so charming that it performed its way to 4 ½ stars from Gamezebo!
  • Depths of Peril – Soldak’s Diablo-style action RPG, offering 10 hours of real-time questing.
  • Tobe’s Vertical AdventureA fantastic 16-bit 2D platformer, full of unique obstacles, charm, and fun.
  • Inferno+ – A 40+ level action-RPG featuring twin sticks, drones, upgrades, secrets, and more.
  • Syldris – A block-based puzzler with a catchy electronica soundtrack.
  • Ballistic – A twin stick Geometry Wars-style arcade action title with concentric waves of enemies.

Hitting the minimum will score you all six of these fantastic titles, but dropping a $5 donation also secures you a free download of Danimal Cannon’s acclaimed Gameboy-produced chiptunes album. And if you really want to spread the fever, all donations over the current average will lower the entry fee for everyone else!

Don’t let the woes of Winter carry over – head over to Indie Royale and spring into some great indie games at an even greater price.

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