Indie Royale Collection gives bundlers even more bang for their buck

For the past several months, the program at Indie Royale has been all about giving. Aside from straight-up charity bundles, the Indie Royale bundle system has been all about helping out your fellow comrades: every time a purchaser beats the minimum price, they lower the cost for everybody else. This time around, it looks like Indie Royale will be doing a little giving back of their own.

Today, Indie Royale has announced not a bundle, but the Indie Royale Collection. Here, past bundle purchasers can log in and manage all previously purchased bundles. For every five bundles a user has purchased, they’ll be able to access a reward tier with an additional chiptunes album or game.

Currently, Indie Royale has revealed the album Chiptopia as a 5-bundle reward, Super Space Rubbish as a 10-bundle reward, and Fireball for the acquisition of 15 bundles. Awards are cumulative up from the point Indie Royale started, meaning that plenty of bundlers probably woke up to some nice free stuff this morning.

In addition, Indie Royale customers can add past bundles to their “wish list”. Ever realize that Indie Royale had an awesome bundle before you were able to buy it? If enough folks add a bundle to their wish list, Indie Royale just might being it back to life.

For you regular bundle consumers puzzled at the lack of an official bundle announcement, have no fear: Indie Royale has three more on the way in the next five weeks. Now, though, you can get rewarded even more each time you pick up new games. It looks like giving really is a great way to receive.

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