Indie Royale celebrates the season with Fall Bundle

By Dant Rambo |

It’s ridiculous how many great games have been released these past couple of weeks. DishonoredPokemon Black and White 2XCOM: Enemy UnknownRetro City Rampage… the list goes on! Are you feeling overwhelmed by it all? If so, you need to tuck those feelings away and brace yourself for even more games. The Fall Bundle is here, and its cup runneth over with indie goodness. 

You’re probably wondering to yourself when on earth you’ll find time to play all these games. You could give up sleeping, shirk any and all of life’s responsibilities (such as school and work), or amass games now and play them during the inevitable drought of releases early next year. We endorse the latter of those ideas, but who are we to tell you what to do?

Those who purchase the Fall Bundle will receive:

  • To the Moon – One of the most popular indie games of the last few years, To the Moon is a heartfelt RPG that puts you in the shoes of two doctors navigating a dying man’s memories. Their goal? To aid him in his final wish of traveling to the moon.
  • Oil Rush – In Oil Rush, you’re in charge of amassing as much oil as you can and defending yourself from enemies in the process. Intentionally or not, it functions pretty well as a statement on our obsession with the resource, and the ridiculous lengths we’ll go to acquire it. Or maybe I’m just being way too serious about this.
  • Blackwell DeceptionAll you point-and-click adventure game enthusiasts (I’d wager there are quite a few of you reading this) are going to love this game. The fourth entry in the Blackwell series, Blackwell Deception tasks you with solving a juicy murder mystery, and uncovering the truth behind the bizarre world of street psychics.
  • AVSEQAs fun to play as it is to say, AVSEQ is a frantic audio-visual puzzle game that’s all about letting you make sweet, sweet music.
  • ReprisalDo you feel as though you lack control in your day-to-day life? More to the point, do you mourn the absence of “totem powers”? If you answered yes to either of these questions, 9 out of 10 game doctors recommend playing Reprisal, a sim game that lets you lead a tribe from squalor to good fortune.
  • Soundtracks for Oil Rush and Reprisal – Hey, free music!

For those unaware, Indie Royale functions a bit differently than other pay-what-you-want services. There’s an ever-changing minimum you’re expected to pay for the bundle, which rests at $4.86 at the time of this posting. And with this particular bundle, paying $8 or more will net you the chiptune album 88:88 from Makeup and Vanity Set.

Now go forth, and nab yourself some fantastic indie games. 

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