Indiagames partners with Facebook for cricket games

Are you a fan of cricket? What about Indian Premier League cricket? If so you’ll be delighted to know that Indiagames have just bought the official gaming rights to the India Premier League tournament. What’s more, they’ve been working hand-in-hand with Facebook to bring the cricket experience online.

Indiagames has just launched the first of three games relating to the India Premier League, with the other two to follow over the next 45 days. IPL Indiagames T20 Fever!, now available for play at, lets users build their own cricket teams comprised of Facebook friends and professional IPL cricketers. Players compete against other teams in an attempt to become the IPL champion.

IPL Indiagames 140Cricket will be the next game made publically available, and will put players in the role of cricket manager as they recruit players from Twitter and Facebook. The third game has not been announced yet, but will be hosted on Facebook.

Cricket fever might seem like a strange bug for Facebook to catch, but it might just be what’s needed to help give them the edge over Orkut, their biggest competitor in the Indian market.

[via TechCrunch]

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