Imperfect Hero is an Old School Platformer with a Wealth of Modes

By Glenn Wilson |


What do you do when you find certain proof of alien life? You prepare for the invasion, of course.

In the case of Imperfect Hero, from developer M Interactive, that preparation involves training up a robot called Beta with the skills needed to deter a hostile civilisation from outer space. 

Unfortunately, Beta has a weakness: if he comes into contact with, well, pretty much anything except the ground or the wall, he’s toast. The merest graze with any one of the game’s 15 different enemies and enemy objects instantly ends Beta’s life and sends you back to the beginning of the stage, so the pressure is on.

Imperfect Hero is a slick, simple, ultra-tough 2D platformer with a huge amount of variety and depth. While the core gameplay sees you dodging hazards and trying to survive, each of the three modes handles this concept differently. 

Campaign mode involves working your way through the game’s 100 stages, reaching the exit in each one via a series of glowing portals. These stages are split across five regions, including a forest, a tundra, and an underwater world. 

In Survival, you need to keep reaching orbs to add to your time, which is constantly ticking down, meaning you can’t relax for a single moment. Endless, meanwhile, is made up of random stages (you can pick the theme – urban, underwater, desert, rainforest, or arctic) in which you run along automatically, dodging circle saws and other deadly obstacles. 

The main thing these modes have in common is that they’re extremely challenging. Thankfully, Imperfect Hero gives you a helping hand with five unique power-ups, as well as ten upgrades. With these, and a bit of persistence, you’ll see off those pesky aliens. 

Imperfect Hero is still an early access edition at the moment, though you can download it as normal. The user reviews are stellar, averaging 4.3 across Google Play and the App Store, with players describing the game as “exciting” and “beautiful”. It was among the top three trending games on Google Play this month, too.

You can download Imperfect Hero right now, for free, on Google Play and the App Store

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