IMGA 2012: And the winners are…

Hooray for games, and hooray for game-related award ceremonies! The winners of the 2012 International Mobile Gaming Awards were recently announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and it’s a robust bunch across a multitude of categories. If you have a little money to spend on a mobile game, consider one (or more) of these lovelies.

  • Best Casual Game: SprinkleSprinkle is a puzzle game that instructs you to put out awkwardly-placed fires with a firehose. You’re ranked according to how cleverly you use your stream, and according to how much water you use. Warning: game may want to make you pee.

  • Best Real-World Game: Meatspace Invasion — Turns your daily routine into a war against alien invaders by using your built-in GPS to fill your neighborhood with monsters. Oh no, there goes Elm Street.

  • Best Sports Game: Touchgrind BMXYour bike propels itself (ghost biiiike!) down hills and ramps, and you perform tricks by flipping the handlebars with your two fingers. Definitely one of the best-looking mobile sports games on the market.

  • Best Mobile Social Game: Charadium II — Charadium II is an online drawing game that’s not unlike “Pictionary.” You draw a word, and other players lob their (probably profane) guesses at you.

  • Excellence in Gameplay: Infinity Blade 2A truly excellent mobile action/adventure/fighting game that really comes close to a console experience thanks to wonderful graphics and detailed game mechanics.

  • Most Innovative Game: Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EPThe mobile games market has given us some pretty unique titles over the years, but Sword and Sworcery masterfully combines great music, stylish low-res graphics, and deep exploration and combat to deliver an experience that’s not quite like anything else on mobile platforms.

  • Best Overall: Infinity Blade 2Applause! Chair’s Infinity Blade 2 took the Best in Show.

  • Honorable Mention: Contre JourIMGA’s judges gave a special shout-out to Contre Jour, a clever puzzle game that boasts a spooky atmosphere thanks to its silhouetted graphics.

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