I-play releases garden sim Bloom Town on Facebook

I-play (Women’s Murder Club, Buried in Time, Magic Match, yea, I’m old school) has quietly planted itself into the garden of Facebook games by releasing the new garden simulation Bloom Town.

Here is the game’s description according to the fan page:

“Roses, lilies, sunflowers…Bloom Town has them all. Grow every flower you’ve ever dreamed of, sell them to earn cash and decorate your garden and create a beautiful scenery.

Once your garden shed is filled with all those colorful flowers, you can bind them together to create the most amazing bouquets which will surely dazzle your friends on their special occasions! So come on down to Bloom Town and start planting!”

According to the game page activity stream, the first post was on Wednesday, June 2, which means that was the game’s official debut in beta.


Go to our Bloom Town page to set an alert to be notified for updates, reviews, the works. Be first to play I-Play’s Bloom Town.

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