Humble Mobile Bundle 5 includes The Cave, The Room Two

It’s an odd thing to want an Android device to justify buying games I already own on other platforms. Such is the world we live in where games can be bought for next to nothing, as long as you wait long enough for sales like the Humble Mobile Bundle.

If you’re not familiar with the organization (and you really ought to be — you’re welcome) Humble Bundle provides packs of cheap games (and movies and ebooks and albums) on a pay-what-you want basis. If you pay more than the user average, you get a swathe of extras like more games and goodies like soundtracks.


This, the fifth Humble Mobile Bundle, includes Android versions of games like The Room Two, The Cave, Carcassonne, Bag It!, Aralon: Sword and Shadow and R-Type II. More games will be added over time, and purchasing now will get you those as well.

You can split your stipend between Humble Bundle, the developers and charity however you please. My recommendation is to throw a chunk of it toward Fireproof Games, makers of The Room and The Room Two. I hear that game is pretty groovy.

Back to the topic of my foolish spending habits: I already own The Cave (the collaboration between Double Fine Productions and Monkey Island co-creator Ron Gilbert) on PlayStation 3.

That, and not owning an Android device, didn’t stop me from nearly buying it anyway. It’s just so cheap. I might have a problem.

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